Is this for me?

I was exercising regularly but still struggled with my mom gut. After I implemented the color coded containers, I learned I was over eating in healthy carbs and fruits and under eating in veggies. Once I made the switch, I lost my mom gut! The color coded containers made it very easy for me to know how much of each food group I should have in a day for weight loss & to be healthy!

  • Ready to trim down your tummy?

  • Struggling to make healthy dinners your kids will eat?

  • Tried of making more than 1 meal for the family?

  • Need a nutrition plan that's simple and realistic for your life?

  • Want a step by step guide to walk you through how to implement this plan?

What's inside the ebook

Everything you need to start eating healthier TODAY and keeping it simple for you!!

  • My set up process making it realistic to my life

  • Video describing exactly how to use the portion controlled containers

  • 10 tips I learned throughout the journey

  • Ideas for effective planning

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Snack Suggestions

  • 21 Easy Dinners your kids will eat (Different from recipes in Meal Prep & Planning Made Easy course)

  • Recipes include corresponding color coded container amounts for easy tracking

Bonus Guide

Supplement to Meal Prep & Planning Made Easy Course to help keep your meals healthy!

Health & Fitness Coach

Erin Grieger

When I first started in health & fitness in 2003, we didn’t have kids yet. Once we had kids, I had to figure out how to plan meal my kids would eat, when am I going to have the time to grocery shop and prepare the food. I've learned as much as I could along the way, and now let me save you the time and trouble of learning the hard way. I’ve helped hundreds of moms on their health and fitness journey. I promise to you, with your willing spirit to learn and my know how, I’ll get you there too!